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Know all about The Dark Web and how To Use Dark Web Sites

Dark Web Sites

The Internet world is a huge universe. There is a huge wealth of information scattered here. We common people get all kinds of information from this place. Our life and all aspects we depend on the internet. We generally collect information using search engines to our satisfaction. There are generally 7 types of search engines:

• General search engine
• Vertical search engine
• Hybrid search engine
• Web search engine
• Image search engine
• Video search engine

They are usually searched on Google, Mozilla Firefox, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, etc. You will be surprised to know that even after so many people take so many internet services but the internet service provided to all common people only 5% of the total internet service. What I talked about for so long is the Surface Web, and the remaining 95% of internet services are deep web or dark web.

What exactly does deep web meant?

Before knowing about dark web, you need to know about World Wide Web, surface web and deep web.
The one we usually use is the Surface Web. Surface Web is therefore commonly used by everyone. You and I use this surface web in daily life. The deep web is a web whose contents are not usually indexed by search engines.

Deep web is a hidden site. It is a simple subject of privacy and application. It is common for people’s email data, banking, and private post of social places. You need to know the correct link to enter the deep web. If you know the correct link, then you can enter the website, now you might think that when you visit a private website you are a person entering the Deep Web, then I will say that your idea is completely wrong. The deep web is a vast ocean in the world of websites. It is very difficult to estimate how big the deep web is and how much work is done inside it.

In fact, let me tell you what kind of tricks are hidden in the deep web, a lot of important information is maintained in this deep website. This deep web is usually used to keep a country and government information secret, military information secret, science research information secret.

Most of the setup deep web cover

• Online security banking
• Email
• Internal network
• Social media apps protected
• Debate
• Paywall in context protection
• Database protection

What is the dark web?

The dark web is a part of the deep web, the dark web is a web where the general public does not have access.
Dark website is hidden website, 95% of us internet users don’t know about this dark website.
Dark web is a web that is full of dark net. The content on the dark web is not publicized. The dark web is a variety of tasks that are used. Many people think that it is just a bad job that is used, but the information is not completely true, In fact, the deep web was created from the need to use the internet anonymously. But people do bad things in this deep web which is called dark web.

After some time it became a hideout of criminals. Bad people use it more to do bad things. Dark web is used not only for criminal activities but also for good purposes, Journalists come in and use this web keeping their identity hidden. Because they should not be harmed by this web browser.

The question is how this dark web works, and what kind of works is done here. You will get one of a kind service on each dark website:

• Hacking
• Copyright infringement
• Selling weapons
• Selling drugs
• Smuggling
• Human trafficking
• Pornography
• Child pornography
• Assassination

How to access the dark web?

How to access the dark web?

A dark web site is a site that is hidden from people. You can’t get in here normally. It is not possible to find it with normal search engines. But it is not impossible to find this access. This browser is hidden like an onion and peel. So it needs a separate browser.

The browser required for this is name Tor browser. This is the hide and private browser. Humans use the browser to access the dark web. Without a virtual private network you cannot access the dark web, It’s shortly called VPN. VPN hides your current IP Address, so you can use it safely. After opening Virtual Private Network, you will download Tor browser. After it is downloaded you will connect it. Then it will be automatically safe and secure. After that, you can use it. But wait a sec, Sites on the dark web store some hidden domains (dark web links or onion links).

The reason links are called onion links is because they have the .onion domain name extension, which can only be accessed through the Tor (onion router) browser. You use the onion links to surface web search engines. For that, the Tor browser was created specifically for the ease of accessing onion links. It helps surfers to surf dark websites with a lot of security and makes it possible to make your connection go through different routes (onion route) as anonymous as Tor.

• Tor network
• Peer to peer network
• I2p network
• Friend to friend network

VPNs have a good role in dark web access

Virtual private networks are used to stay safe and secure from hackers. When we search something on the internet, this request goes to the server first and from there the webpage goes. So in the meantime, a hacker or someone else can hack the data. And it will be known if you are using the dark web. A virtual private network is used to change the IP address. Using a virtual private network will keep you safe and secure when using the dark web. Sowing personalizes your every movement.

Here are some top level virtual private networks for using to accesses dark web:

• NordVPN
• Express VPN
• Cyber Ghost
• IP Vanish VPN
• Surfshark VPN
• Private internet access
• DuckDuckGo


The most popular virtual private network currently in use is NordVPN. NordVPN is one of the most private high demanding network site. There are many other VPNs, but I would recommend you to use NordVPN.

• Safe browsing
• Password Security
• Encrypted files
• Stay safe and secure
• Malware protection
• Remote file access
• Dark web monitor

Who create the dark web?

The dark web first started around 2000. University of Edinburgh student Ian Clarke started the online a dark web by thinking of running the free net anonymously. This is where Tor project originates. It was released in 2002 and the Tor browser launched in 2008. At first it was made for good work but later it slowly turned to bad work. There are more bad deeds than good deeds. USA governments explore it. USA Governments play a big role in the dark web created. Government mainly courses in dark web or onion web browser for their security It was once used by the US military in the early days to add to the legacy of their identity.

Dark web legal or illegal

Most of the people think it is illegal. The fact is that using the dark web is completely legal. But it is completely illegal to do unethical things by entering the dark web through the Tor browser. That is, using the dark web, you can collect any information while keeping your identity hidden.

But the dark side of the dark web is stealing people’s information for ransom, selling drugs, hacking, child pornography which you won’t find in normal browsers. All kinds of bad things can be done through this dark web.
You may not be able to imagine how many bad things can be done in this dark web but we cannot called illegal in dark web.

Who users in the dark web?

A large part of the internet users are dark web users. When we look at the surface web we see that only 5% of internet users are surface web users. Then the rest of the internet users are the dark web users. Can we imagine how big the internet world is? It is like a vast ocean, it is so big that we can’t figure out where it ends.

In fact, they are the ones who use this dark web who want to do illegal activities online anonymously.

Here are professional hackers, murderers, and drug sellers. However, there are some cases where the dark web works well, but that is rare. This dark web is a dark world where everything is done for money. Where no one knows anyone, only through money, one does the work of another. Someone wants to know some information but the normal search engines can’t give you that information, so you go to the dark web. You will get all kinds of information here.

• Dark web has 2.5 millions daily live users
• Deep Web has captured almost 90% market share
• 75000 and more terabits are used here
• It is traded in bit coins or cryptocurrencies
• 1 year and about 1.7 billion and more income
• Most users are Us People, 831911 American people use daily dark website
• Second users are Russia, 273844 Russian people use it.
• Third users are Germany, 171009 people use it.
• Fourth users are Netherlands 165281 people use it.
• Fifth users are France 78714 people use it

Tor – The Onion Router

The Onion Router

This is an onion routing project. It’s Called Tor Browser to open-source an anonymous web browser. Where any information can be collected anonymously. It is the safe and secure browser. Tor is the only browser where you can access dark web links on your phone or desktop.

How to use Tor?

• You need Tor install your browser after connecting VPN.
• After downloading the browser, open it by following the instructions.
• Then you can work with this web browser as you wish.

Why people use the dark web sites?

In fact, people use these dark websites for anonymity. In fact, this dark web is mostly used to do as many bad things as possible while keeping their identity hidden. You sit in one place and do something bad but no one knows it’s a relief. There are many reasons why people hide their identity. Sometimes you have to use the dark web anonymously to protect yourself from danger. Many people use the dark web to commit crimes. Hidden service is also called onion service.

The dark web is very dangerous for surface web users

The dark web is a dark chapter. It’s easy to get in here, but it’s so difficult to get out.
Danger spreads here like a spider’s web, those who don’t know how to use the dark web are more likely to fall into danger. As surface web is very easy to find information through search engine this dark web is the opposite. If you don’t know how to use the dark web once you get into it, it’s dangerous for you. You might think that when you use the dark web, you’re using a new browser No one can find you, this is completely wrong. This dark web is full of big hackers who can find out your identity in just a few moments and put you in danger. So it would be foolish for surface users to access the dark web without knowing about it. The dark web that often live streams games where once you gain access, it’s very difficult to get out before the game is over. These games are so scary that your heart will stop beating. This dark web is very unethical and once you get into it, it will be difficult to get out from here.

After entering the dark web, it is also possible that a hacker will count the steps towards you, and hack your phone or device, and can steal your entire personal information on your device and blackmail you. So be careful about using the dark web site.

What are the darknet markets?

Let us know about darknet markets, this is one such internet market where you can buy everything with money. You can take any person’s information through hackers using this dark web sites. Fake credit cards, fake jewelry, killing someone with money, buying and selling drugs and weapons are very easy here. Here you can do any bad thing keeping your identity hidden. Here is not the usual way to get services from this dark marketplace with money, you have to pay through bit coins to get services here. Although the dark web started for good, it is now used more for evil.

Dark websites or cheesy sites that are so devious that you can’t even think about it. All parts of the human body are sold here, this dark website market is available for hit-mans, and the killer will kill the person you pay to kill. The most popular of these dark web markets is Silk Road.

History of Silk Road

History of Silk Road

Silk Road is a popular marketplace on dark web. Silk Market is an online black market. This black market was used up to a certain period 2011 to 2013. This Silk Road site was created by a man named Ross Ulbricht and he was used a professional name Dread Pirate Roberts (DPR). His true identity all of a sudden comes out when he was arrested by FBI. And it stopped after he was caught.

It was created to buy and sell anonymously. Here anyone can avail all kinds of services anonymously.

• Hacking all kind of information as you need.
• All kinds of weapons were bought and sold in this marketplace.
• All kinds of drugs were sold in this dark market place.
• Smuggling is a very common thing in this dark market place.
• Heinous things like human trafficking are happening here.
• Pornography is very common in this dark web market place
• Dirty things like child pornography used to happen here on this site
• Here the human body and every organ was sold even in human skin
• Bad things like secret murders were done here
• Copies of any new books and movies that came out were available on the Silk Road

FBI finds out about all these heinous acts and closes the Silk Road permanently. And he who made it shall be punished for his whole life.

Illegal transactions:

If the production and allocation of a good or service is mention illegal by a rule or policy, then breaking that rule or rule can be called black market trade because the transaction itself is illegal. What is really involved in the production and marketing of banned products can be said to be the black market, and now the transactions are illegal transactions. The government does not get any VAT tax from here. The country and the people do not get any benefits through this illegal transaction, they suffer more losses. Examples c Examples include drug dealing, prostitution, illicit currency trading, money laundering and human trafficking included in the black market. Consits of drug dealing, prostitution, illicit currency trading, money laundering and human trafficking included in the black market. Transactions through Bitcoin are a popular transaction in the black market. Black money is income obtain from an illegal transaction, based on which income tax and other taxes have not been paid, which can only be sanction through some form of money laundering. Due to the backstairs nature of the black economy, it is not possible to regulate its size and scope.

What is the Hidden Wiki?

Hidden Wiki is the dark web’s media wiki. A hidden wiki is a wiki that uses the hidden name of a censor ship agent that registers on the site using Tor browser. The first hidden wiki was command of via the .onion top-level domain, which could only be obtain using Tor or a Tor accomplishment.

Its first page impart a community-preserve link register for other hidden services, figure up links to contract, killing, cyber-attacks for hire, money laundering, disallow chemicals and bomb manufacturing. The rest of the wiki was in substance uncensored and produce links to sites hosting child pornography and exploit images.

Hidden wiki was established on 2007. It has since been caught by the law enforcement agencies, Since 2014, it has been assisting law enforcement forces.

Onion wallet: Deep onion Wallet is a non-conversational digital wallet, so your exclusive keys are encoded locally on your device, not the cloud. Don’t worry—don’t store any conscious data, so your secret is yours to control. Deep Onion is an anonymous crypto currency that is inherent unsegredent with the TOR network. Deep Onion is an amalgam crypto currency that uses certification of stake and the proof of work algorithm.

What is hacking?

Hacking is accessing a computer network without someone’s permission. Hacking refers to stealing information from someone’s computer by changing information and using unauthorized access. It actually indicates which site is vulnerable. Hackers collect money from the work of computer users by hacking as ransom. To do hacking one must have deep knowledge about deep web otherwise hacking is not possible. Hacking basically refers to password security and vulnerabilities.

Who are the Hackers?

What is hacking and who are hackers?

• We actually mean by hackers those geniuses who can hack any software to improve or damage it.
• Actually hackers have deep knowledge
• Hackers are the most powerful of dark web
• Hackers also work to find security flaws in computer sites.

There are basically three types of hackers, these are

• White hat hacker: Those who work to improve the website without harming it are called Hot Hackers
• Black hat hackers: Black hat hackers steal this information and provide it in exchange for money to harm others
• Gray hat hackers: Gray hat hackers are hackers who can do both good and bad things on your website

There are many other types of hackers

• Red hat hacker
• Blue hat hacker
• Elite hacker
• Script kiddie
• Neuphyte or green hat hacker
• Hacktivist

Let us know what kind of hacking these hackers do

• Ethical hacking
• Email hacking
• Website hacking
• Server hacking
• Computer hacking
• Password hacking
• Network attack

We will know about them in detail:

• Ethical hacking: This hacking system is used by hackers to make the security system of a company and website more secure. These hackers use their hacking skills for good purpose.
• Email hacking: Email hacking is a type of hacking where hackers hack your email access. Take the information contained in the email and use your email account for illegal purposes.
• Password hacking: When hackers place or send any data on the computer and recover the passwords using them, then it can be called password hacking.
• Computer hacking: By hacking the computer’s identity and password, these hackers enter the computer and steal the information. It is very dangerous.
• Network attack: Hackers use common tools to hack private networks and steal data. It’s called network attack.
• Website hacking: Here, hackers try to take control of the web server or destroy the information inside the web page.

What is the Red Room?

Red rooms are the darkest and most dirty part of the dark web. It’s so disgusting that even saying it makes you think twice. A red room is a room where a boy or girl is tied up and they are tortured in many ways. It was recorded during the torture and later published on the dark web. There is torture here that cannot be described Many times the kidnappers pay money to kidnap someone and hire people to torture Jake when he is kidnapped. Humanly depraved people go to watch this red room video and pay with Bitcoin for watching this video.

If you look at many videos, you can see that there is a person tied up in a room and then 2/1 people come and start torching him. In this way he was tied up day after day and physically tortured by the Red Room owner Red Room videos are given because people with perverse tastes pay a lot of money to enjoy watching Red Room torture videos. In fact, these Red Room videos are more tortured than I imagine. We can get a little idea about Red Room.

What happens inside the red room?

What happens inside the red room?

Actually red room and another part is live stream. In many cases, when viewing any information on the dark web, sometimes a few links are found and those type of links are slowly found again and again. If he opens that link out of curiosity, he will see that there is a game like that. And many people join and fund through that link and Bitcoin. After a while it comes to the real thing, let’s we can see a room, and in the room is a girl or boy with her hands and feet tied. Again a masked man came into the room on live video. The real game begins again. All those who have joined in this live video are now doing the course of fund-collecting.

The man started torturing the unsuspecting victim. And those who watch the live video are demanding that I will give 500 bitcoin to the victim and cut off his fingers. That’s what the guy does. Others say that he will pay 2000 bitcoin to cut off one of the victim’s legs. In this way, so much chaos continues for a certain period of time.

In this way, everyone expressed their desire to torture the victim. At the end of the live video, a poll is placed where the victim will be spared or killed. In this way the votes keep coming where it is seen that the side with more votes is done with the victim. If the vote is in favor of keeping him alive then he is kept alive and if the vote is more in favor of killing him then he is killed. It enjoy seeing all this when people have perverse tastes.

Have you ever heard the name the cafe of Cannibal?

If you haven’t heard then let me tell you what it is, this is another dirty part of dark web. After learning about this cannibal cafe you will have a very sad and hateful feeling inside you and you will wonder how people can be so disgusting. The Cannibal Cafe is a giant foreible form of the dark web. From where you can order human meat like other food delivery websites. Armin Meiwes a German lived as a computer repairman. From the age of 8 he had an interest in human meat. After growing up, his desire increased. And on the dark web he finds people for food. At one point one agreed and asked Armin Meias to come to one of his old houses. The man agrees to give her food, but soon changes his mind and tells him I don’t agree. Then he feels bad and says it’s okay, let’s drink whiskey together. He mixed the man’s drink with sleeping pills and after the man fell asleep he killed him and cooked each part.

Separately and ate it. In 2001 he committed the incident and in 2002 he was arrested by the police. Human flesh cooking recipes are also available at Cannibal Café.

Child pornography

Child pornography is nude, semi-nude pictures, videos of children under the age of 18. Cartoons and video games that are nude or semi-nude are also called child pornography. Child pornography is a huge crime. Because the future of the child involved in it is also ruined. In 1977 American. American for-profit companies are prohibited from doing business with child pornography because of the negative impact it has on children.

Child pornography is now a thriving business on the dark web. We all know that there is a lot of bad content on the dark web. Child pornography is a pervert’s obsession. Because a bad neighborhood makes a lot of money by using the kids. And this is how the bright future of the little child disappeared. Any child is picked up for child pornography on the dark web net. In fact, to tell the truth, target the victim core and take advantage of the opportunity. And the kid is locked in a room just like red room. Then a masked man comes and starts videoing the child’s private parts. And one or more people engage in sexual intercourse with the victim. And this is how dark web users start enjoying watching videos. This is how the torture continues. In most cases, girls are targeted for making these child pornography videos.

Child pornography is a big business on dark websites. You will be surprised to know that millions of people come to this dark web just to view child pornography. And for this, they do not hesitate to spend a lot of money.

Child pornography is illegal in almost every country. At least it is punishable by everywhere. Those who do this pornography with children are really in perverted taste. Child pornography is a heinous crime. In fact, dark web is a web where common people do not know anyone because they access the internet anonymously. It is usually under the nose of the law enforcement agencies but very difficult to detect it. Even though law enforcement forces shut down a site, many related websites were created. This is why it is said that the end of the dark web is difficult to find. In fact, the children who are used to creating dark web and porn videos are called victims. These victims are children of an ordinary family or wealthy family.

Heinous acts like child pornography are often shown live streamed live sometime. And those who engage in live video, they request to treat the victim as they wish and they pay for it. In child pornography, a child is sexually approached outside of the normal process and those who watch them live, they again happily pay to the website owner. Child Pornography and the like are promoted on dark web sites, here you will find only Child Pornography and all kinds of dirty stuff. Here you can find criminals and all those criminals will do as you wish.

Dark Web Mystery Box

Dark Web Mystery Box

For those of us who shop online, the Some Time website offers a Mastery Gift Box for Some Time. In exchange for a certain amount of money. And you will buy them in and we buy them in uncertainty whether they will be good or bad or not. Then after receiving the delivery, we see what comes of it. Sometimes we feel happy and sad at the same time. Sometimes I get frustrated if I don’t get the desired shape, actually, it is a new technique of doing business In fact, what is destined for you will come, So far I have talked about normal web or surface web.

Now let’s come to the dark web mystery box

Dark web and mystery boxes that don’t contain conventional products are hard to tell what they actually contain.

Now let’s come to the real thing then what is in the dark web mystery box. It is known from various media that these mystery boxes are different from normal mystery boxes. Here you can get after ordering many old items used as parts of human body such as watches. A study found that almost always scary things were found in these mystery boxes. Many people get bloodshot eyes, fingers and other tools to kill people.

Your heart rate will increase after ordering these boxes and your heart rate will increase even more after receiving it.

Buying and selling drugs is the dark web

We in today’s society are highly dependent on the internet for all these things. Our daily life is almost dark without internet. The internet we use is the Surface Web. The internet world that comes beyond this surface web is the deep web. The dark web is a part of the deep web. The dark web’s most lucrative business is the drug trade. That is, you can sell drugs in this black world while keeping your identity hidden. In fact, this drug trade is the most terrible business of the native dark world. There is a lot of money to be made from this crap.

But the people of the country are not benefited by the destruction of the youth society. There is no buying and selling through conventional money. Here buying and selling is done by Bitcoin. Because those who come here to buy drugs come here with their identities hidden Due to this law enforcement forces cannot catch them. Due to which these businesses become huge business. The dark web is a place far more dangerous than true crime.

Here you can buy any kind of drugs, If you enter these sites, you will understand how many types of drugs are in this world. All the prevented products are available in this dark web marketplace. We can also say that the dark web is the worst part of the evil world.

Now come to the main point, among the banned goods available on the dark web, drugs are the most commonly sold. You can get any type of drug you want. The dark web is a huge collection of all kinds of niche products.
Many types of medicine that are off-sale can also be easily found in this dark web world. And you will be surprised to hear that you will get your desired product at a lower price than the conventional price. There are many types of products that come at a high price if you buy them from outside market places but you can get them at low prices in this dark web marketplace.

In the market, the expensive phones and laptops that are sold in the market, such as Apple and many other companies, you will find them here at very low prices. The youth community is getting involved in the drug buying and selling profession of this dark web and they are getting destroyed. Humanity is also disappearing among people.

Who actually uses these drugs?

You will be surprised to know that this drug is used by everyone from family and housewives. And the circumference is slowly getting bigger and bigger. In fact, since the beginning of the world, one group of comes is good and another group of comes is bad. However, the dark web has all kinds of bad things and it has to be paid for by bitcoin.

End of Article

In this article, we have discussed the dark web in detail. Information you needed to know, what dark web sites are and how to access them, popular onion links, and more. Hope all information will help you to feel the dark web easily. Anyway, keep in mind all the rules and regulations we have talked about. If you are an apprentice, it’s more risky for you. Therefore, stay calm and have a smooth browsing experience.

The dark web is a great place to explore new things and learn what it really has to offer. It’s a must-have until you tap into its true dark side. Try to avoid it considering it illegal and risky. This is where most scams happen with people. The dark web is a place where no one can be trusted, it can be a hacker hiding under a sheep’s skin. So, try to avoid this and be cautious.

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