What is Tor Browser? The Way to enter Dark Web Anonymously

Tor browser is an anonymous routing browser also known as a private browser. Tor Browser allows you to do your online activities completely anonymously and its developers have developed more advanced technologies to make it even better. Tor Browser is a web browser that anonymizes your web traffic by using the Tor network, which hides your identity online. Tor Browser gives you complete freedom to perform online activities and browse deep and dark websites anonymously. Tor is short for Onion Router; this network encrypts all traffic while in use. This private browser makes your online activities highly anonymous so you can easily visit any kind of website. Today in the blog we will discuss how Tor works and whether it is legal or illegal and much more.

What is Tor?

Many people think that Tor is created by a group of hackers but it is completely wrong. It was developed by the US Navy and Army through their own defense and advanced research. It is protects extent from being tracked by hackers, internet service providers and even corporations and governments. It is highly effective for privacy and anonymity for users. It’s a private browser that doesn’t work like any other conventional browser. Tor browser dark web people easily use, because they have experience couple of times. Onion or Tor browser is used by those who want to visit secret websites like deep web and dark web. Tor Browser is a web browser designed for anonymity and greater security. Initially it was only used by American soldiers or navy but now it is an open source platform. Now anyone can use it to get any information. Now those who want to take internet service use this Tor browser anonymously and secretly.

Law enforcement agencies use various techniques and tools to track Tor users. It is an onion router and it protects your internet on many levels so that no one can track you and see your online activities. If you need any confidential information and you want to collect that information anonymously, Tor is the right platform for you. Many people think that Tor Browser is a secret browser that only criminals use, which is completely wrong. Human rights activists and dissenters who need to keep their internet activities anonymous from oppressive governments, law enforcement, intelligence agencies and criminals use Tor. Using the internet through Tor is a bit slow i.e. it is not as fast as other common web browsers. Tor Browser is also illegal in authentication systems that seek to avert citizens from reading, publishing, and communicating anonymously.

How Tor Browser Works?

How Tor Browser Works?

Any web traffic through the Tor onion network is encrypted and re-routed using onion routing. Your data is protected through multiple encryptions. Tor aims to increase your online privacy up to a certain upper limit. Tor or Onion router is a peer-to-peer network. Through this anonymous routing network, both the source and the destination sent to the network can be kept secret with multiple security layers. Tor Browser does not save browsing history. If someone uses a Tor network where the data is encrypted from the network, once the data is sent it is encrypted multiple times. Those of us who use common browsers know that these search engines index multiple websites. But the websites which are not indexed in the common search engine are indexed in the search engine called Tor. Tor Browser anonymizes all your web traffic through the Tor network. It provides three layer security to the user. This Tor browser is designed in such a way that no user data is stored and cannot be traced by any third party. While using Tor Browser, your data is passed between different nodes or servers so that no one can understand your online activity and harm you.

•             The first node: It’s created the first layer of encryption and enables connections to Tor network.

•             The middle node: This middle node is where your data is fully encrypted and then sent through a series of nodes that fully decrypt your data. The intermediate node is specially designed for anonymity. It is a complete disconnection between the previous node and the next node.

•             End nodes: Once the data is unencrypted at the intermediate store, the decrypted data is an exit through which the Onion network goes. This session allows you to access any website of your choice on your Sumi network completely anonymously.

First, the data is heavily encrypted and slowly decoded at different levels at the same time. Now it may seem that it is very complicated to use and to use it you need to have a lot of knowledge about many types of online and search engines. But it’s wrong you don’t need to bear any extra hassle to use this Tor search engine it’s very easy to use. Using the Tor network is an added convenience for those who want to be active online while remaining anonymous.

How to setup Tor browser on your phone or computer

If you feel like doing your online activities with privacy and security then you can use this Tor browser. In this step I will tell you how to install this Tor browser and how to use it. You first need to install it to setup Tor Browser, wherever your phone or computer is. Wherever you install it is entirely up to you. Let’s tell what steps to follow to use this Tor browser:

  • First thing you need to tor project website Store and download and install Tor Browser. Follow the given steps to install Tor. Once Tor Browser is downloaded you go to Tor Browser Installation and double click on Installer.
  • Go to the Tor Web browser and run a connection. Then you will see connect to Tor it will come click on it. Here you will see that it will take some time to connect and it will show repeated connections. If the problem persists and no connection, you can configure the connection and provide parity in the proxy setting.
  • After it is connected select the security level according to your preference. Click on the shield icon next to the Tor Browser URL and then click on the Settings option in the Shield menu. Then from here you have to choose the privacy and security level you want.
How to setup Tor browser on your phone or computer

Tor Browser will notify you if the websites you visit through Tor Browser are dangerous. You should avoid visiting websites that may be dangerous for you. Be careful when visiting these .onion websites. Visit The Onion websites with all caution because Tor is a medium to access in the first place. Tor Browser is designed to access Onion websites only which does not allow access to any normal website.

Is Tor Browser Illegal?

Using Tor Browser is completely legal. If you don’t want your online activity to be tracked anyone, that’s your personal matter. Because by using this Tor browser we try to hide our online activity. Now it is said that many countries have declared this Tor browser illegal because it provides you internet access anonymously. China bans anonymous services and blocks Tor for bypassing Great Firewall. Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran and many other countries where law enforcement community try to hard they are trying to stop these anonymous services like Tor network. No country or its political party would want its people to use this anonymous service tor. This is because by using this private browser many people can find out a lot of secret information which has adverse effect on the political party of that country. Anonymous communication, freedom of expression, reporting on anything is prerequisites of democracy today. It is a browser that fulfills all the prerequisites of democracy. Tor Browser offers many types of anonymous collaboration and offers complete freedom of expression. It is never illegal to use but many criminals use it to commit criminal acts which are totally illegal. To curb this online crime, many countries or law enforcement agencies have banned these anonymous services.

How anonymous is Tor Browser?

This Tor browser is anonymous enough to hide your online activity and IP address, but with certain limit. If you log into any online account through the Tor browser, you can be traced. To protect yourself from this trace, you should use a virtual private network (VPN) when accessing websites through this Tor browser. If you are logging into a personal online account via the Tor browser, you should always use a VPN. It provides considerable anonymity services to its users with very careful service.

What is the relationship between Tor Browser and Dark Web?

There are various dark web marketplaces that are only accessible through the Tor browser. This is because no normal search engine indexes a dark website. Dark websites are indexed by private browsers such as Tor Browser. The connection between Tor and dark web marketplaces is through infamous marketplace like Silk Road that can only be accessed by Tor. The Silk Road was famous for illegal goods and drugs. There is a huge relationship between the dark web and the Tor network. It is a browser that anonymous both the user and the website. Not only criminals use Sumi network to access the dark web but common people can also use this browser. It is a popular way for criminals to enter the dark web through anonymous browsers. But Tor was not designed with crime in mind, nor was it designed to access the dark web. It was built by the US Navy, They create it to communicate secretly among themselves and then explore it publicly. This is a legitimate online functionality but it is used by most of the criminals for their own advantage to access the dark web and use the dark web anonymously. We know dark web is a place where almost all kinds of illegal activities are done in very secret and anonymous way.

Is it too difficult for newcomers to use?
Is it too difficult for newcomers to use?

No, it is not that difficult to use for new users as it can be installed and connected once only then he can take service from there. It can be browsed like any other normal browser and is easy to use no matter how hard the functions are. Maybe many people may think that it is how to use it to visit various secret websites, so I will say that if you try it for 2/1 day you will learn to use it very easily.

There are many benefits of using this software; there are many internet users who benefit greatly from this Tor network usage. This is very good software for those who use internet regularly and not for those who want to use internet services secretly.

•             Tor Browser is an open source and free program.

•             Here your browsing history is not stored i.e. it is deleted

•             Your IP address and online activity are unseen.

•             Here your high security is ensured so that no third party can track you

•             You will find the websites which you will not find in the normal search engine very easily here

Is Tor Browser too dangerous to use?

Using Tor Browser is not dangerous, before you use this Tor browser, you should check whether your country’s laws prohibit using this type of anonymous internet service. It is dangerous for you to use it if it is against the law of your country. And if you use dark web and access illegal websites from here which are dangerous then you can be in danger. Because there are many websites on the dark web that are very dangerous to access because there are many criminals out there to put you in danger.


This open source and free software is very suitable for those who want to use anonymous internet service. It will give you high security to keep your online activity private. So those who want to use dark web can use Tor browser. Although many people think this is bad, but it keeps your online activity private and protects your online account from being hacked.

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