Top Dark Web Search Engine that People Still Visit in 2023

The world of internet is very big and wide; many people say it is like an ocean, That is, which has a beginning but no end, the more you know, the more you will want to know. Today I will discuss a lot of things about the internet in this blog. We are now in a place where everything is internet-centric. The Internet is crucial part of our life. We are commonly using the web of the Internet, they are the Surface Web.

Surface Web is a common web that is found in search engines like Google, Bing, Mozilla, etc. Now you may be surprised to think that the internet we use is only 5% of the entire internet world. That is, the Internet that we usually use is the Surface Web. The world beyond the surface web is the deep web. The deep web is the hidden web that is not normally indexed by search engines.

This requires a separate search engine that many people are unaware of. It is a completely hidden site that provides any kind of services without your identity being completely hidden. The dark web is a dark world where everyone wants to buy or give services while keeping their identity hidden. The Surface Web can find our computer’s IP address whenever we choose to use a service, That is, whatever we do here, it is very easy to find us, and so those who want to take internet services a little deeper use the dark web.

What’s the Dark Web?

If we want to know about dark web search engine before then we need to know about dark web very well, because if you don’t know about dark web well, it will be difficult to understand about dark web search engine, the dark web is a small section of the deep web. The deep web is huge, there all the things are hidden and the deep web provides anonymous services.

The dark web is a web that is not normally accessible. That is, it is a hidden part of the Internet. It is a place shrouded in complete darkness. None of these dark web contacts are usually made public. The reason for not making it public is that all immoral activities are done on these sites which are against the law. All kinds of corrupt activities are done on this dark web.

Here you will find all kinds of illegal services, and all these services are provided very confidentially, nowadays it is a safe place for criminals. The dark web is perfect for those who want to use services anonymously.

How to Access the Dark Web Sites?

How to Access the Dark Web Sites?

The dark web is not accessed by any conventional search engine. Because we know that the dark web is a different world of the internet than the normal world. That means its search engines will be different. It requires a separate browser. This browser is called the Tor browser. This is a private browser that is Users often use this private search engine to visit the dark web. When you visit a site with this private browser, you cannot be tracked. This is the biggest advantage. You must use a VPN when using this browser.

Using it hides your address which is convenient for you. Many people call it an onion browser. The reason is that this browser is like an onion skin that keeps your address hidden. Because this is how this private browser is also covered by peels. If you open the Onion browser using a virtual private network, you’ll be secure. After doing this you can take services from the dark web as per your wish.

•             Tor Network

•             Peer to Peer Network

•             I2p Network

•             Friend to Friend Network

Virtual private network protects you from hackers. When you search for something on the Internet, your request goes to the server and from there to the webpage. Now the talk is that hackers can steal data from here. And anyone can trace you what kind of services you take from the internet. A virtual private network is basically used to solve this problem. Using this private network will change your IP address. Now, before you can use the dark web, you need to add a virtual private network (VPN) extension to your PC. Open it in your browser and download Private Search Engine ( at that time.

And after downloading it you will see that it is in a different search engine and here all kinds of dark website services can be found. After opening it, you can use it as you wish, We Surface users should be careful while using it though. You should definitely know about this dark web before using it. There are many types of criminals roaming around the danger in every corner of this dark web. There are many big hackers who can steal any personal information from your computer within a short period of time. When you use the dark web, you add a virtual private network extension and your IP address changes. Then your entire information will be private and secure. There are many types of private networks (VPN) available, both paid and free. Use whatever is convenient for you.

Popular Dark Web Search Engine in 2023

We will now talk about some of the most popular search engines that are used only to find dark websites, we already know that there are different search engines to visit dark web sites using dark web links, nowadays there are many search engines to find the dark web sites. Among them, some popular search engines will be discussed in this post:

Popular Dark Web Search Engine in 2023

1. DuckDuckGo

DukDukGo app is a popular dark web search engine that is a privacy-friendly search engine. This app has many types of security features; in this app, you will get privacy with all kinds of security. If you are looking for the most popular search engine on the dark web, this is the top one. The DuckDuckGo app involves our web and app tracking protection, smarter encryption, private search, email protection, and more features give us. DuckDuckGo is TOR’s inability search engine; its importance cannot be disproved.

Dark web users get a lot of benefits from this. Because it is perfect for those who want to use services anonymously. If you are a bit more concerned about your privacy then you can use it. All other regular search engines can track your every move but it doesn’t record anything of yours. Sometimes you can be tracked even if you don’t use a search engine. That means we always have to be careful about using the internet. Hackers can hack a lot of your information if you don’t use security while using the internet. This private search engine may not be able to find websites that are too deep. Even so, those who use this private dark web search engine are much safer from tracking.

2. Haystack

This private search engine indexes a huge amount of dark websites. This dark web search engine at over 1.5 billion indexed pages normally. If you research the best search engines for dark websites, you will find that this is the most acceptable dark web search engine. It indexes many hidden websites and is the most time-efficient dark web search engine. They are shrouded in a lot of privacy so that no one can trace you by watching your online activities. It is designed keeping in mind the safety of dark web users so that no one can harm you in any way. It does not try to compromise your privacy at all. Haystak is best for accessing dark websites.

3. Torch

If you want to dive deep into the dark web, this is the smartest search engine site for you. “Tor Search”

It is called torch for short. It is a combination of both Dark Web and Opinion Net i.e. it is just a search engine that does both. It is equally popular in both the internet worlds. It is the first dark web search engine. It was created in 1996 and is open to all. It tries to reply to you in a very short time of only 3 seconds and it protects your privacy and does not track you. It is a widely used search engine.

4. Hidden Wiki

Privacy is what you need when you visit the dark web, it’s not a traditional dark web search engine, but it works like a directory and dark websites like Shadow. It’s not technically a dark web search engine but works like a navigator.


It is a great dark website search engine because it helps you find any information in a very short time.

But it works like this in Google Chrome; It allows using browsers like Google, All the dark websites indexed in this search engine allow you to access the URL but for this Tor may need it to use. This allows you to use your links very quickly. It is also a very popular dark web search engine.

6. Candle

This is another very useful deep and dark web search engine. The search engine permits web visitors to access Tor network’s onion links harmlessly and simply. There exist services of both legitimate and illegal religions such as darknet market access and many normal website accesses are also available. It is very different from traditional search engines because it will not give you many search results.

7. Kilos

Those who want to use anonymous service can use this dark web search engine which is also a popular dark web search engine. It is primarily called the search engine of the criminal world. Websites involved in drug dealing and other nefarious activities are highly indexed here. It is the most popular place for black jobbers. What makes Kilos special is that it doesn’t filter search results to limit access.

8. Gram

It is a very attractive dark web search engine that grabs everyone’s attention. Grams users search for items accessible for purchase using cryptocurrencies. It helps maintain your privacy and is a widely used dark web search engine. It protects you from trackers and you can use success.

9. DarkSearch

Darksearch is a privacy-preserving search engine that provides you with all kinds of services while keeping your identity hidden. It indexes a wide variety of surprises, from websites to forums that let you search for information while maintaining privacy. It is also a very popular web search engine.


We know that the dark web is a dark world of the internet where all kinds of unethical activities are done online. So, while using the dark web, you should always take precautions so that you are not exposed to any kind of danger. The dark web search engines that we know so far are all popular search engines. Those who want to use the dark web can work with any of these search engines. But use dark web search engines according to your needs and use them wisely so that there is no problem.

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