Top 10 Most Popular Dark Web Sites with Onion Links

There’s this popular notion about dark web sites, which is the belief that illegal Cyber activities are carried out there in. However, that’s not always true, because there are the good part of using the dark web. Though I’m not here to break the belief, but I’d rather guide you on what the dark web is all about, the needing tools to accessing the dark web, and some assured safety measures to undergo while exploring the dark web sites out there.

What Is The Dark Web?

Here’s a brief of what you need to know about the dark web; the dark web is a part of the world wide web that’s intentionally hidden from the surface web search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

The sites on the dark web store some hidden domains (the dark links or onion links). The reason the links are called onion links is that they have .onion domain name extensions, and which can only be accessed via Tor (the onion router) browser. And Tor browser was specifically built for easiness in accessing the onion links. This helps in making the surfers to surf the dark websites with much security, and anonymity as tor makes it possible for your connection to pass through different routes (the onion routes).

Moreover, the dark web sites are built on the servers of private network system, allowing the electronic transmission of information to be performed via specific means, and which can’t be tracked, and aren’t traceable by any central authority as the case with surface web.

But in the other hand, since the use of dark web sites is anonymous in all measure, government agencies like FBI, and other authorities can’t trace the sites visitor’s browsing logs and transaction, that’s where the use of dark websites is always associated with many crime and illegal activities like selling of contraband and weapons. But there are the good side of using them; it all depends on your aim.

Note, we do not promote the illegal use of the dark web sites in any way! This page is only for educational purposes only. We will reveal to you, the safer and most used dark websites over there, a brief of what there are used for, and their onion links, and dark web safe browsing tips, respectively. So if this sounds like what you’ve been searching for, you’re in the right page.

Dark Web Sites

But Why Use The Dark Web Sites?

Are you contemplating within, why you must use the dark websites? Exploring the dark web is not compulsory. However, you should start browsing on the dark depending on what you are searching for, the information you are sharing, as well as the transaction you meant to perform.

Moreover, the main catch with using the dark websites is for identity protection, and anonymous browsing. Think safety as one the main reasons for accessing the dark web.

Browsing the dark web domains is cool and exciting, but on the other hand, while you think you are secured and hidden, you can still be prone to risk and danger resulting from malware or spyware injected to your computer, and that only happens if you click on fake onion links. So be cautious on links you click on the dark domains and the files you download.

On the safety, it’s highly recommended you take crucial measures to keeping your data secured, and your computer safe, and the security measures is accessing the dark websites behind the firewalls of a reliable anti-virus and a premium VPN software. The best and affordable VPN I recommend for safe-browsing the dark web, which is capable of keeping your location, data, and identity secured is the Nord VPN.

To find out more about the best dark websites you can’t find on Google, we’ve revealed the top 10 most used dark websites, what they look like, and their onion links. Read down.

Dark Websites Name List: A Quick Overview

There are millions of dark websites accommodating a lot of people out there. But a very good numbers of people place fantasy on most worthy ones, and our in-depth research shows they include:

  1. The DuckDuckGo – A dark web search engine you can use to search for any information anonymously.
  2. The Hidden Wiki – A .onion version of the media wiki and Wikipedia. The site serves as a web directory, with lots of onion links on its homepage leading to dark websites.
  3. ProPublica – A journalism platform operating on the dark web.
  4. Riseup – A dark web secure email client with chat features.
  5. Ahmia – Another popular dark web search engine like DuckDuckGo.
  6. Keybase – A secure file sharing dark web site.
  7. SecureDrop – A dark web site for sharing and accepting document securely and anonymously. Here’s a safe home where whistle blowers and journalist meet.
  8. The Hidden Wallet – A dark website for transacting with bitcoin anonymously.
  9. The Hidden Answers – A dark web version of Reddit and Quora.
  10. Zerobin – A dark web tool for sending and encrypted data and information which is only accessible by the authorized client.
Dark Web Sites

The Best VPNs For Accessing The Dark Web Sites

When exploring the dark web sites, we recommend using a VPN for a more security surveillance of your browsing data, including proxies and IPs. This will further enhance the extra security layers of the dark webs which is the onion routing process of performing a data connection handshakes.

When ordering a VPN for this purpose, I recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

• Topnotch encryption.
• No logging policy.
• Cryptocurrency payments.
• Device compatibility.
• Order directly from the dark web.

For the most reliable VPN software for dark websites, we recommend these three VPNs:


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Ad-Blocker: Yes.
Kill Switch: Yes.
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SurfShark VPN

Package comes with: Unlimited connections.
Pricing: $2.39/mo.
Logging: No-log policy; Based in Holland.
Ad-Blocker: Yes.
Kill Switch: Yes.
Payment: Credit card, PayPal, Crypto.


Package comes with: Free 3 months.
Pricing: $6.67/mo.
Logging: No-log policy; Based in B.V.I.
Ad-Blocker: No.
Kill Switch: Yes.
Payment: Credit card, PayPal, Crypto.

Steps And How To Stay Safe When Visiting The Dark Web Sites With Tor Browser

Follow these few tips and you can safely access the dark web, the most dangerous place in the internet world:

  • Turn on your VPN software.
  • Turn on Your Antivirus Software.
  • Now turn on the Tor browser. If you don’t have the Tor Browser, use this link to download.
  • Launch the Tor browser, copy-paste into the browser’s address bar the onion link of any dark web site you want to explore.
  • Protect your personal data; avoid handing over.
  • Use cryptocurrency for all transactions.
  • Stay safe.
Dark Web Sites

The Top 10 Most Popular Dark Web sites Of 2023 (With Onion Links)

1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is the dark web alternative to Google’s search engine. It’s in fact a dark web search engine which is available in the surface web too. The catch here is that, if you search DuckDuckGo on Google(being a surface web search engine) you can still find it, but DuckDuckGo on its own would neither collect, store, nor share users personal data with anyone, on any reason. And as such, renders the users a more flexible choice of dark web sites for online anonymous research.

DuckDuckGo, unlike surface web search engines will bring you anywhere on the dark web without restrictions. It also shows, and process .onion links of various onion sites of the Tor Network; with DuckDuckGo, you can browse other dark websites anonymously.
But to ensure maximum security, and anonymity, I recommend surfing behind the firewalls of a reliable dark web sites VPN software like Nord VPN, and antivirus software like Norton 369 for dark web monitoring.

2. The Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki is one of the best dark web directories that displays on its homepage, onion links to different dark web sites. It’s the dark web version of the popular Wikipedia.

It’s not a doubt that some of the links displayed on the sites are not legit, some may not be safe at all, while some luring ones that demands personal details for dark web services, may be used for the same purpose of investigation. Some may not even work. But the catch here is to be cautious of what you click on, download and share. If you add extra layer of security, like Norton, your computer is more safer from virus links like malware and spyware.

Don’t forget, on the safe part of it, the hidden wiki’s most contents are linking to websites that promote the sales of illicit products. Others include illegal marketplace activities, and whistleblowers community. As such, it’s the most attacked dark websites by FBI, and other anonymous cyber-investigative personnel.

3. ProPublica

Propublica being the home for investigative journalists, as well as whistle blowers has a presence on the surface web, but it’s purely a dark web site. Its dark web links and servers are secured, and as such is ideal for anonymous surfing. With the Propublica, journalists can receive information anonymously from informants.

The platform is ideal for people living under government oppression or corrupted regime. Its main purpose is to anonymously connect whistleblowers with journalists on a wide variety of topics covering corrupt politicians, child abuse, right negligence and the likes. Its main language used for publication includes Spanyol and English.

Dark Web Sites

4. RiseUp

The Riseup is for those on search for a secure email client on the dark web. The website helps with a more secure and anonymous email and chat feature. It keeps no records of your communication activities. And it’s 100% protected against malware attacks as well as government intervention.

To start using the Riseup, you’ll need an invitation code which opens the account creation page. Without the Riseup invitation code, you can still find free resources on the security section of the site, to learn, utilize in order to enhance your Cybersecurity knowledge. Isn’t that cool for the site?

5. Ahmia

Ahmia is another popular search engine just like the aforementioned DuckDuckGo. It’s a very useful search engine on the dark web, mainly used to view statistics, insights, data, and news about the Tor Network, but in a more secured process.

6. Keybase

The Keybase can help you to securely share information about Tor Network. The tool is not technically an email client; it rather uses a messaging feature like signal, WhatsApp, and other popular messaging apps for dark web.

What then makes the Keybase a dark web? The Keybase is a dark web because it uses onion links, and can’t be found, nor accessed via surface web browsers. The Keybase will neither store nor share your personal data. Even its servers are encrypted that they (the servers) do not know what you copy and paste on the editor.

More interestingly, you can always encrypt your message with a password. You can as well choose how long you want your message to last before it expires. And when it expires, no cache or whatever trace of your message is stored anywhere. You see how this dark web messaging tool works?

7. SecureDrop

SecureDrop just like the aforementioned Propublica is a .onion dark website where journalists meet with whistle blowers. The platform offers such a high-end security and anonymous features and functionalities that Whistle blowers (unknown source informants) can share information without being tracked. This is a very useful tool for you to leak information with journalists about anything.

This is to say, if you have any information you are afraid to publish on the surface web, the SecureDrop dark website is a great place to go.

8. The Hidden Wallet

Bitcoin has been the currency of the dark web for years. It’s only getting popular, and used as official payment currency by some hosting companies just of recent. Irrespective of the popularity, it’s still the most secured currency for anonymous transactions.
The hidden wallet is undoubtedly one of the best dark websites to use for anonymous bitcoin/digital currency transactions.
The most interesting feature of the hidden wallet (in aiding your anonymity transacting online) is that the transaction address or wallet address as you may call it will automatically revert and becomes untraceable immediately after the transaction. This function is ideal to keep your funds anonymous and safe from tracking.

Dark Web Sites

Just like other crypto wallets of the surface web like Coinbase, the hidden wallet let you trade bitcoin, as well as other Cryptocurrencies on the dark web. For added measure of security, we still insist using any reliable VPNs for crypto-trading, along antivirus software.

9. The Hidden Answers

The hidden answers is one of the world’s most visited dark websites. It’s a place where you ask questions for answer, and advice relating to anything. You answer someone else questions all in a secured and anonymous process.
The hidden answers in shot works basically like the Reddit or Quora, but in a dark web version of those.

10. Zerobin

The Zerobin uses a 256-bit AES encryption to securely process its data. The encryption works in that, even the Zerobin has zero knowledge of the data and information you send. It’s a good choice for sending encrypted messages to a receiver over the dark web.
To send data using the Zerobin, the first thing is copy-pasting your message or image into the Zerobin’s editor dashboard. The tool will generate a shareable link that you can encrypt with password too. With the password encryption, the data encrypted in the link is only accessible by authorized receiver, who you dash the password. You can likely set the link to crash immediately it is viewed, so as to protect it from being shared with a third party. The Zerobin is a typical example of what a dark web site looks like.

Dark Web vs. Deep Web: What’s the difference?

The dark web and deep web can be confusing; but, they are two different things entirely.
The deep web is any part of the web that is inaccessible through a search engine. Consider it to be a layer sitting below the visible surface web. Based on research, the deep web accounts for nearly 90% of the total internet (the surface web makes for under 5 percent).

The browsing logs and data on the deep web is safeguarded behind powerful firewalls. Think of it too, as your medical records, email and social messaging accounts, private databases, financial records, and other protected files not meant to be exposed to the public. All this hidden content is generally clean and mean no threat to you in return.

To further explain the dark web, it refers to the site that is not indexed and inaccessible by normal search engines like Google. It can only be accessed through specialized web browsers, like Tor browser.

For years since the inception of the dark web, it has always be known for bad reputation and is commonly associated with illegal or immoral content and the trading of illicit goods or services. But, if you’re like me, I would prefer dark web sites where the transfer of information is seamless, example is Keybase. Either ways, if you’re a journalist, or a whistleblower, you can use the ProPublica, to anonymously whistle-blow journalists on any information you wouldn’t feel so secured if you expose it over a platform that can provide trace of your browsing data. Those are my most serious area of using dark web sites, and with overall identity protection.

Dark Web Sites

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created the dark web?

The Dark Web Tour project used in accessing the dark web became public early 2002. Data shows it was created by the US government, but the whole idea was based on the Freenet decentralized network system invented by Lan Clark (2000).

What is the secret of dark web sites?

The dark web has in its depth some .onion links that represent different dark web sites. Each of these sites has their unique business activities, products, services, and secret which variety depending on the business scope.

Are all the activities on the dark web illegal?

The whole activities are not illegal on the dark web. Though it’s presumed to be so. The whole idea of surfing the web on the dark is not illegal, it’s for privacy protection. And we have the right to privacy.

What stuffs can I buy from the dark web sites?

There are many products you can buy from across the various dark web sites out there. You can buy any kind of software, documents, credit cards, videos, bitcoins, weapons, drugs, and other products you would think to buy in the dark without leaving a trace of the transaction.

Can I access the dark web with a regular web browser?

No! Since the dark web domains use .onion extension instead of the secular .com, .net…the Tor browser is what you need to access the .onion sites. Regular browsers can only access surface website.

How do I stay safe on the dark web?

Protect your personal data. Do not click on random links, do not download random files; some may be injected with malware and spyware. Reason you should use a premium antivirus, and VPN software.

Can I be tracked on the dark web?

Not really! The dark web logs browsing logs can’t be tracked, the onion router makes it possible for every internet connection to pass through a specific route. With that, there’s no such chance that your activities and transactions can be traced back to you, unless you are default of serious criminal activities.

Can VPN protects me from dark web?

NordVPN and SurfShark VPN can hide your browsing data and location, and let you browse anonymously. They also have a kill Switch which automatically stops data internet data transfer immediately your VPN is disconnected. Our honest answer to this? Yes! VPN can protect you from being tracked on the dark web sites.

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