The Silk Road: A Tale of Digital Contraband

What is the Silk Road?

Silk Road is an online digital darknet market. In 2011 it was founded by Ross William Ulbricht. Silk Road is a marketplace where illegal works are done online. The biggest advantage of Silk Road is that you can take services online by keeping your identity hidden. And those who provided services could also do their work here with complete anonymity. Here both the service receiver and the service provider worked anonymously. It was the largest dark online market in the entire world. All the bad and illegal products of the world were sold here. It was the largest marketplace on the dark web. It was very popular darknet market all entire world. It could not be accessed by normal browsers. A private browser had to be used to access it, The name of which is the Tor browser. That is, it is a hidden browser. This dark marketplace is a safe place to commit all crimes in anonymity.

What services were available on the Silk Road?

Users of this site can use various drugs, illegal weapons, hackers to steal people’s credit cards, and hackers to hack bank accounts, social media, phones, computers, etc. They provide complete freedom of buying and selling. You will also be amazed to know that the ATM machine hacking techniques tutorial was taught here. Cannabis was sold here more than anything drugs.

Some of the Silk Road products and services

It was made for buy and sell anonymously. You will find such services here which cannot be found in any normal market.


Drugs business is the most profitable and most demanding business among the allied services provided in this marketplace. 70% of its total business was drug trade. There were so many types of drugs available here that you might not even imagine. In the past, drug dealers were able to make huge profits in a very short period of time. Drugs are banned in almost all countries and these drugs cannot even be sold in the normal marketplace.

What is the Silk Road?

So this Silk Road is all these illegal drugs and factories. Let us see what drugs were sold in this place, some of them are mentioned:

•             Devil’s Breath: It is the most dangerous and harmful drug of the age, It is also known as Scopolamine. It is a drug that originated in Colombia. It is a type of drug where the user is immersed in a type of hallucinogenic. That is, they lose their own thinking, intelligence, reason, and free will. And they are influenced by others. It is not available for sale in normaly but was sold on Silk Road and very easy to find this devil’s.

•             Marijuana: It is the best-selling product in the Silk Road. It is the most sold product among all other drugs. This drug is sold more than all other drugs because of the drug and its low price. All countries and drug addicts love it. It is easily available and its sellers are also very popular.

•             Heroine: This is also a brisk business in this marketplace. It is a very harmful drug and quite expensive.

•             Alcohol: This marketplace supplies alcohol to the biggest names and expensive brands of the age. That is, all these alcohols were bought and sold anonymously.

They were also many types of drug products here. All may not be possible to write here. So we learned about a few of these.

Illegal weapons

All types of illegal weapons were sold here, and it was sold at much lower currency in the outside marketplace. Among them were guns, knives, ammutation, and explosives.

Digital product

All digital products were sold here anonymously. Many products that are banned from the market but online are available in this marketplace. Due to this various books and copyright theft, theft of various movies.

Stolen goods

Now any stolen goods can be found here and this is another exciting business of Silk Road. That is, here one can buy whatever he wants. For example, one could get one’s credit card, bank account and paypal and pay card. And all these were stolen goods.

Hacking services

Professional black hat hackers were hired from Silk Road for various purposes. Hacking is accessing a computer network without someone’s permission. Here the service takers hire the hackers of their choice and they guide the hackers who need to hack the data. And hackers hack the lips of those who get the list. Let us now know what things were hacked here and how the service was provided,

•             Email hacking

•             Website hacking

•             Server hacking

•             Password hacking

•             Remote access

•             Network attack

•             Ethical hacking

•             Computer hack

Apart from these, many other hacking related services are provided which I am not mentioning here.

Some of the Silk Road products and services

Bitcoin services

This marketplace offers a variety of services, including Bitcoin. Many Bitcoin services are based on this Silk Road, Here many services were provided to customers. Almost all the services that came into Bitcoin were provided on this Silk Road. Bitcoin services are described below;

•             Bitcoin wallet service: Bitcoin wallet services help keep your bitcoins safe and secure. They offer aspect such as two-factor verification. various-signature wallets, And this wallet offers all the services you need to keep your bitcoins safe and prevent your bitcoins from being stolen.

•             Bitcoin escrow service: This is a strategy to keep the customer’s Bitcoin safe, When a customer orders a service from the Silk Road marketplace, the marketplace holds the customer’s bitcoins. Here recipients and customers and transactions are strictly secured

•             Bitcoin exchange service: Bitcoin exchange services along with any cryptocurrency were offered in this Silk Road Market. Here Bitcoin is allowed to be bought, sold and traded.

•             Bitcoin mixer service: A bitcoin mixer is a service where one deposits his bitcoins and then mixes his bitcoins with other customers’ bitcoins. And when everyone’s bitcoins are mixed together to produce a new currency, then everyone’s bitcoins are given back according to their own amount. And the main reason for giving this survey was to keep the identity secret so that everyone could trade on the Silk Road.

•             Bitcoin gambling service: Bitcoin gambling is allowed here, various types of gambling were played in this market place and the payment system was Bitcoin. They offer a collection of gambling games, such as dice, slots, and lotteries.

•             Bitcoin ATM service: This service converts a Bitcoin user’s Bitcoins into traditional currency, through which you can deposit, withdraw, and spend your currency.

•             Bitcoin mining service: A bitcoin mining service is a service that helps your computer mine Bitcoins. This was especially true for those who used them in the mines.

These are the many services that will be provided in the sale of Bitcoin on the Silk Road, this dark web market is beloved by many for its privacy.

Why has the Silk Road been Shut Down?

Why has the Silk Road been Shut Down?

A marketplace called Silk Road was unknown to many at that time. A lot of bad things were done in this dark web markets, It is so popular for doing bad things that it has managed to become huge in a very short period of time. It operated under the noses of US law enforcement. And its dominion spread over the entire world. After discovering the existence of a dark marketplace called Silk Road, law enforcement agencies are quick to shut it down. In 2013 was stopped this site, was discontinued in 2013 by FBI. It was only able to run its own marketplace for two years, and within that time, it has grown into a very large marketplace. When it was closed, the founder was arrested. Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison. He was so famous for selling drugs that he thought law enforcement would never catch him, but after proving him wrong, the law and order forces were able to catch him in 2013.

How long did Silk Road run?

This Silk Road was an online marketplace where you could get everything if you spend money. That’s why all the criminals used to take the help of this marketplace to commit their crimes. And one more thing is that transactions were not done here through conventional money, In this market place transactions were done through Bitcoin. We all know that Bitcoin is a desire cryptocurrency. It is a currency that anyone can transact anonymously. This Silk Road marketplace was a hidden marketplace which could not be opened by normal browser and Bitcoin and its usage was more secure.

In fact, this marketplace has not been running for a long time, It lasted only two years. Its duration is sealed from two thousand eleven to two thousand fourteen. It has been running for only two years and transactions are very high.

After the creation of this Silk Road marketplace, this dark market site that all other marketplaces slowly emerged.

All kinds of illegal things could be found here. Illegal goods or services that you might not even think of are being sold in this marketplace. That is, it has been designed in such a way that even the worst things in the world can be found here. The only cryptocurrency was this Silk Road market place Bitcoin. We know that Bitcoin is a currency that any transaction with which there is no way for any third party to know the transaction. In other words, this bitcoin was used to transact in this marketplace in a confidential manner. After researching, discovered that this marketplace was initially started only for the sale of drugs, But it soon started selling other illegal products. After going and looking at transactions, it is known that more than 70% of the distorted things are illegal drugs. When it is closed it is the largest black market and its transactions and seals are very high.

According to the US Police Department, when FBI shut down the site, the site listed more than 13,000 products and services. And its user base is about 80000 or 1.2 million, And it sold over 1.2 billion by closing time.

Many believe that the Silk Road is still operating

Many believe that the Silk Road is still operating

The reason for thinking this is because of such a big market pulse, it closes so quickly, that many may think that the Silk Road is still in operation, In fact, it is so natural to think that many people think that even if the Owner was arrested, someone else might be keeping the Silk Road open.

No, it is completely wrong, because from the day the owner was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, the entire work was stopped. It goes without saying that no other darknet markets could develop like this Silk Road. That is, those who still work through other dark marketplace or these are almost all imitations of the Silk Road. This was still standard for all darknet marketplaces. From the day it was banned, this marketplace has not been open for a single day.


The man who built the Silk Road was indeed a genius because it is not an easy task to make it. It was mainly created for selling drugs, Not only selling drugs but also many other services are added here, It was designed very well, The Silk Road Market Place was one of the largest and most urban areas of the dark web. The Silk Road really comes to mind when you think of the Deep Web. It is so ingrained in people’s minds that even after being closed for so many years, people are doing research on it, Silk Road was called the king part of the dark web. Its prevalence can still be seen among dark websites, As long as the Dark Web exists, it will remember the Silk Road.

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