Onion Sites: Best Deep & Dark Web Links for (2024)

Onion sites are websites on the dark web that are not indexed by any mainstream search engine. Onion is the term for websites that end with the suffix URL.onion. It’s normal for those of us, who use the Surface Web to have no idea about this, Onion websites cannot be found through any normal search engine.

Onion sites are only accessible on the dark web. The concept of Onion websites is slightly different from the usual websites that are indexed by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. To access these onion sites you will need a separate private search engine called Tor. Onion sites do not use regular domain names that are registered with a central authority. The Tor project is based on onion routing to protect the online privacy and anonymity of dark website network users. Tor Browser detects and separates the websites you visit, So that no third party knows about your online activities and cannot trace you.

Now the thing is when you visit and access onion site through Tor browser it slows down your internet power a lot. So it is said that Onion sites if anyone wants to use the service, he needs to access the virtual private network before accessing the Tor browser.

How do onion sites work?

When someone tries to access onion websites your traffic is routed around the internet and bounces 3 times before reaching the website. Each server adds a layer of encryption and these layers are called onion routing, and this is why the dark web sites is an onion site or Tor site. Onion Sites can be designed in such a way that more security protection is provided to the users and no one can trace the user’s identity normally. Onion sites are designed in this way to provide more security and protection to the users. Dark web onion sites are full of security. Onion sites are almost an overlay network over TCP/IP, for that IP addresses in some general sense don’t have true meaning, onion sites: they aren’t even worn in the protocol. All kinds of Onion sites are not bad but few websites are good which provide their services on dark web due to many problems. Many people think that all dark web websites are illegal who want to provide anonymous services but this is completely wrong, Onion site is a secret site where you cannot access the website normally, but you need to log in with Tor browser to maintain some privacy.

What is Tor?

What is Tor?

Tor is an onion router, open source software for accessing the dark and deep web and it works at no charge. These browsers automatically clear your history with each session and encrypts and anonymize all networks. You need Tor Browser to access the Deep Web. TOR is banned from use in a few places around the world. The main reason for this is that it allows you to access the dark web anonymously. The US military and navy originally created the SUMI network to communicate with them anonymously. It was initially created by the military forces for themselves, but after a while, it is index all kinds of legal and illegal websites and they also used it. Currently, dark web users have no choice but to use Tor anonymously.

How to access the onion sites?

At starting, you need to install a Tor browser on your computer. Then, follow those info’s which is below:

  • Now you need to install a virtual private network VPN
  • Now open VPN and add the extension
  • After installing Tor Browser you open it
  • Now go to TOR browser and click to connect it

Wait until it connects, after connecting you can now access the dark websites as per your need and take services. By using virtual private network you can access the dark web and deep web completely secretly without anyone knowing your online activities.

How important is Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access Onion Sites?

Because using VPN, your online activity is completely hidden and no one can trace you even if they want to. It is very safe to use and you can visit any website using it without any trouble. Currently there are two types of VPN available paid and free you can use it as per your convenience. Visiting Onion sites can be very risky but when you use VPN your identity is completely hidden and shows wrong location.

How to access the onion sites?

Best Dark Websites with Onion Links

Deep web is a very popular web nowadays which has more users. You need to know deep web well only then you can understand onion site well. Onion sites are websites that are not indexed by any common search engine and are not very commonly accessed. You must always use the private search engine to access them. At present there are many types and very popular onion sites that we are talking about them. Let’s know about some popular Onion Sites.

1. The Hidden wiki

The most popular of the Onion sites is this hidden wiki; Hidden Wiki is a website that serves as a directory of many dark websites on the dark web. It was created by an anonymous person in 2007. This is a website that does not provide any dark web services but serves as a directory of other dark websites. Hidden Wiki is a perfect place for those who are new to the dark web and don’t know how to use the dark web. It is not a conventional search engine but it acts as a directory of dark websites. This is a website where you will find many website links of dark and deep web. Here you will find the links of each deep website of different categories such as drugs, weapons, studies, magazines and related website links. You can utilize this community-edited link database to discover everything from anonymous chat rooms, to Dark Web social networks, and blogs about different interesting topic.

2. Sci-Hub

It is a website on the dark web that provides free access to millions of documents and scientific papers. Scientific journals charge high fees for accessing their registers. But this Ski-Hub website allows free access to important research. Doing so is completely illegal and wastes resources and leads to criminals. Accessing this website is very risky as it can get noticed by law enforcement officials. And you can get into trouble.

It is a dark web search engine that helps you find dark websites. It makes your dark web usage completely anonymous and provides you with a lot of security. It does not log and save any of your information on the internet. Huge number of dark and deep websites is indexed here. This is a private search browser; it has a wide reputation for protecting user privacy.

3. Ahmia

It is not a conventional search engine; it is a completely different search engine. It is the dark web search engine. You can visit dark websites anonymously. The nice thing about Ahmia is that it lists .onion sites that make to be found. Many of those sites are listed because their dives have submitted the site openly to the search engine for indexing.

4. Haystack

It is a popular dark web search engine with many deep and dark websites. Premium offers for advanced search. In it you can also get advanced services according to your needs by paying charges.

5. Hidden Answers

Hidden Answers is dark web’s version where you can find answers too many hidden questions on every subject in a very easy way. This is also a very popular dark site among the dark websites these days.

Best Dark Websites with Onion Links

6. Torch

It is the oldest and most popular dark website search engine on the dark web, it is the largest search engine for dark websites and most dark websites are indexed here. It is a search engine that no one can imagine accessing dark websites. It is a private dark web search engine that accesses all types of legitimate and illegal websites. And with this you can access the dark web completely anonymously and provides more security and doesn’t allow you to be traced.

7. Riseup

Riseup is a dark website that offers you anonymous and secure email and chat. It is a social media startup that provides secure email and chat services for people to connect with each other. It provides more security so that no outsider can harm you by tracing your emails and personal chats and it does not require any logging system. Although it has few drawbacks, it promises to give you better service.

8. MegaTor

This is a completely anonymous file sharing service through which you can use the service completely secretly and anonymously. The biggest advantage of using it is that it provides absolutely free service and provides very fast service.

9. Elude

It is also a very important dark web website that allows you to anonymously email and chat. The biggest advantage of using it is that it does not require any additional and personal information to create an account. You don’t have to bear any extra hassle to use it and you don’t have to pay any charges to use it completely free.

10. ProtonMail

It is the most popular website and popular email service on the dark web. This is a website that provides you very high quality service absolutely free and no one can hack or trace your private email. Its biggest advantage is that it does not require any personal information to create an account. It provides services with utmost confidentiality.

Is Onion sites legal or illegal?

It is not possible to say in one word whether it is legal or illegal. There are many types of websites on the dark web and deep web that provide different types of services completely anonymously. Among them there are some websites which are involved in totally illegal activities and those called Onion Sites which are totally illegal. And there are many legit Onion sites that provide services for very good job and they are 100% legit.

Final Words

Onion sites are dark and deep web sites; it is a website where you can access internet services anonymously. You can take any kind of service completely anonymously on these websites. Onion sites provide anonymity and security to their users. Using onion sites on the dark web is legal as long as you don’t use them for malicious purposes. You need to know and understand it well to access the dark web or else you may be in trouble. We know a lot about Onion sites in this blog. Nowadays there are many types of Onion Sites who provide different services in different categories. Anyway, before we visit onion sites, we have to check whether they are legal or illegal. If you are illegal, you can get into trouble.

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