Hidden Wiki – Why It’s Popular on the Dark Web in 2023

Everyone who has an idea about the world of internet knows that dark web is a dark part of internet which is famous for illegal activities. Hidden Wiki is one of the oldest websites on the dark web. This hidden wiki is used to find dark websites. Here today we will tell you what this hidden wiki actually is and how it works on dark websites. Before knowing about hidden wiki we need to know well about dark web because a small part of dark web is hidden wiki.

Dark web is a web that is not indexed by any conventional search engine; you cannot access these webs with google Mozilla etc. The dark web is the private part of the internet that is not open to the public. The surface web is the part of the Internet that can be found by all common search engines, which is the white part of the Internet. There is no criminal use of internet here. But the dark web is a private or hidden place on the internet where all kinds of criminal activities take place. The dark web is very popular for buying and selling illegal goods such as drugs selling, illegal weapons selling, stealing personal information, and selling private information.

What is the dark web?

A good understanding of hidden wiki requires a good understanding of the dark web. If you have a good understanding of what dark web is then you will have a clear idea of how hidden wiki works. The dark web is a collection of dark websites that can only be accessed through specific software. Which are not indexed by any conventional search engine. These websites are accessed by search engines like Tor which is a private search engine.

This software encrypts your internet traffic and rebound it through a series of servers, making it onerous for anyone to find your online activity. Those who want to work or be active on the Internet while keeping their identity hidden use Tor browser, which completely hides your online activity so no one can trace you. People who use the dark web mostly use it to commit criminal activities while keeping their identity hidden. By using the dark web without using the name, these types of websites provide services such as selling drugs, selling weapons, hacking etc.

What is the Hidden Wiki?

What is the Hidden Wiki?

A hidden wiki is a website that serves as a directory for links to other dark website on the dark web. For those new to the dark web, they serves as a guide. The Hidden Wikis has been around the dark web since 2007, and it’s one of the most popular websites on the dark web. It is not a search engine but a directory for links to other sites. It is divided into different sections like Drugs, Weapons, and Hacking and each section has links to related websites.

Hidden Wiki History and Changes

The Hidden Wiki is created by an anonymous developer in 2007. At the time, it was a short collection of links to other sites on the dark web. With time it also grew in size and is a very popular website among the dark web sites that has now made a strong place for itself. As the Hidden Wiki grew in popularity, it became a target of law enforcement. In 2011 FBI shut down some website in deep web, the hidden wiki was also shut down during this time. However, the site was backing up and running at high speed and is still accessible today.

Navigating The Hidden Wiki

The Hidden Wiki is a little confusing to navigate for first-time users. First, you need to install and download a Tor browser. When you are all done, you can search and access the hidden wiki with that browser. After accessing it you will find that it is divided into different sections, it is divided into different categories. After entering the hidden wiki you will find that it is divided into categories of illegal activities like drugs, weapons, hacking, etc. And in each separate section, there are links to other sites related to those topics.

What categories are included in the Hidden Wiki?

We told you earlier that Hidden Wiki’s divided into different sections, Let us know what category is there in this hidden wiki website:

  • Drugs: Links to all types of dark web sites that buy and sell illegal drugs are included in the secret wiki. We know that the dark web’s hottest business is the sale of illegal drugs online, so even if you go to Hidden Wiki, you will find many types of drug selling websites links. More than 60% of all dark web transactions are through drug sales.
  • Weapons: Hidden Wiki provides links to many websites that sell illegal goods such as guns and explosives and more. We know that selling illegal weapons on the dark web is also a popular activity because it can be done anonymously. Buying weapons online can be dangerous.
  • Marketplaces: Hidden Wiki provides links to many marketplaces that may contain a variety of illegal service packages. This may include counterfeit drug products or other items that are illegal in this market.
  • Hacking and security services: For those absorbed in cyber security and hacking, Hidden Wiki offers resources, forums, and tools related to these topics. There are many types of websites on the dark web that provide hacking and cyber security services, hidden wikis provide links to users.
Hidden Wiki History and Changes

  • Whistleblowing: Some sections of the Hidden Wiki are faithful to whistleblowing and anonymous reporting. These may supply a platform for informal to expose wrongdoing or share reactive to information.
  • Privacy and anonymity: People who use the dark web feel more comfortable using the web anonymously. In the Hidden Wiki you will find links to various websites that offer various advanced tools to anonymize your online activity. Many types of websites provide these related services and you will find their links in the Hidden Wiki section.
  • Crypto and Bitcoin: Given the artificial nature of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, the Hidden Wiki often involve resources connected to cryptocurrency, including guides on how to use it anonymously.
  • Political activism: You’ll find specific sections of the Hidden Wiki that are active spaces for political activism and dissent, and cover a wide range of topics. You’ll find many website links to this topic on Hidden Wiki.
  • Education and information: Hidden Wiki doesn’t just share links to illegal marketplaces with you all the time, it also shares lots of informative website links. Some sections provide educational content, such as history, science, and literature.

Dark web Sites and Links Promoted on The Hidden Wiki

The dark web is a vast collection of websites for buying and selling illegal goods. Nowadays many types of website links have come up and hidden wikis is among them:

  • Silk road
  • AlphaBay
  • The pirateBay
  • Empire market
  • Torrez Market
  • Silk road 3.1

Is it dangerous to use hidden wiki?

Using a hidden wiki can be dangerous at times as it contains many links to dark websites that are mostly illegal, and if you visit all these websites, you may be accused of a crime. We know that there are many types of hackers on the dark web who can steal all your data and put you at risk with your personal information. We know that the dark web is a haven for criminals who make trouble for those new to the dark web. So now if you explore the dark web without knowing how to use it well, you can fall into danger.

How to stay safe on Hidden Wiki?

Navigating the Hidden Wiki safely is very important because if you can’t access it successfully, you can be in danger. High security must be ensured while using this dark web.

  • Security measures

Before accessing your hidden wikis or dark web you need to access the hidden wiki through Tor using a virtual private network. We know that whatever you use remains anonymous, so it’s easy. It ensures high security to work anonymously.

Is it dangerous to use hidden wiki?

  • Avoid downloads

Avoid downloading anything from Hidden Wiki that you don’t need or you could be a victim of hacking or scams.

  • Legal awareness

Legal awareness is very important to ensure safety. Before you access any website, know whether it is legal or illegal and what kind of service it provides. Exercise discretion and abstain from engaging in illegal activities or supporting them.

The future of the hidden wiki

Everything has to improve with time or it becomes impossible to survive. So if the hidden wiki is to hold its place in the future, it needs to be improved.

•             It needs to be improved more anonymously; It uses many advanced technologies to ensure customer safety.

•             Countermeasures: Law enforcement agencies will continue to evovle countermeasures to battle illegal activities on the Hidden Wiki.

•             Many types of legal website links should be kept in Hidden Wiki so that everyone can use it

By maintaining these, Hidden Wiki will be able to continue its existence and improve its quality.

Alternatives in Hidden wiki

There are many websites like hidden wiki which provide services like hidden wiki on dark website. Many people use its alternatives instead of using hidden wiki.

•             Tor’s onion service

•             I2P the invisible internet service

•             FreeNet

•             ZeroNet

•             RetroShare

A lot of websites like Hidden Wiki came along and made their position very strong, That is, to survive, all the websites must survive by verifying their own qualifications, the reason is that people will use it more if it provides better service.


Hidden Wiki is one of the most popular dark websites nowadays that many people use for their own needs. Although the hidden wiki is not a dark web site search engine, it is a website that shares links with other dark web sites to gather information. The dark web is a black section of the internet where every step is dangerous. So, while using the dark web, you should be careful before falling into any danger. There are many types of websites and marketplaces on the dark web that provide all kinds of legal and illegal services. So we will use the internet in an ethical manner so as not to get involved in any kind of illegal ways. We also need to be very careful while using hidden wiki or we may fall into the hands of hackers or scammers. Hidden Wiki is known nowadays and its usage is increasing day by day.

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