Finding Hidden Treasures on Dark Web Sites

If you are new to the dark web then this is a dangerous place for you, any unexpected situation that you may fall into is here. So, without knowing well about the dark web, you should avoid visiting it, but it is also very important to know the use of dark web as if you visit it without knowing its usage you may face a huge problem. We know that the dark web is a dark area of the internet that is completely different from the surface web. The dark web is a secret place for users through which they can take any kind of service on the dark web while keeping their identity hidden.

What’s the dark web? New users should know

The dark web is the place on the internet where everything is found illegally in the internet world. For this, those who think about giving or taking all services on the Internet while keeping their identity hidden are basically dark web users.

We know that dark web sites cannot be found by any conventional search engine, it requires a separate search engine called Tor browser. Now the question is whether the existence of dark web sites is a thing of the past or whether have they changed. In answer to this question we can say that the dark websites which have in the past have changed their course to the changing times. Many of the websites that could not be changed were removed by Tor Browse Browser from its search engine list. However, there is a subtle difference between the dark net sites of today and the dark web sites of yesteryear.

Some best dark web sites help you to get safe dark web links

Now that you know about Old Dark Websites and New Dark Websites, you may wonder how you can visit New Dark Websites. Earlier it was very difficult to find dark websites but nowadays it is so easy, now you can access any kind of dark website if you want. There are now many places where you can find links to dark websites and many search engines that are now very easy to find dark web sites. Let us know some ways how we can find dark websites:

  • The Hidden Wiki

Hidden Wiki is the best place to visit the dark web. Hidden Wiki is the Perfect Place for Dark Web Newbie’s It Provides Every Dark Web Link. Every dark website link in Hidden Wiki is divided according to their category. We know that Hidden Wiki is divided into different sections, among them; the related websites given are Drugs, Weapons, Hacking, Political Activism, Security, Educational, etc. Departments are notable. So those who are new users of dark web can easily use dark web by visiting hidden wiki.

Some best dark web sites help you to get safe dark web links


Ahmia is one of the best dark web search tools. The reason is that you can use Tor network to access dark websites as you need. You can use this site to find new dark website links completely anonymously. It will provide you all kinds of website links and it will allow you to use dark websites very easily. You must think of that this website will filter out any content that contains child abuse. However, you will still discover many links to other adult content, which is why you should remain careful. This is a great website that helps you find dark websites in no time.

  • Haystack

Most users of dark web use this search engine to find their desired website, this private search engine indexes a large number of dark website links with more than 15 million known dark websites. If you look at the dark website search engines, you will see that it is the most popular. There are plenty of dark websites indexed here that you can use as per your convenience.

  • Not Evil

Note Evil works like any standard search engine and is the perfect successor to Tor search. The most interesting part of it is that it will give you the latest version of your command very quickly and it will give you the latest version of any website you want. It is a search engine which keeps the latest version of the websites ready to give you.

  • Candle

It is also very demanding search engine and it also works very fast, this search engine provides more protection to the customers and cares more about the security of the customers. It also like all other private search engines promote them and prove them that they provide very good service. It also has many dark web links indexed which cater to your needs.

  • Torch

If someone wants to enter deep inside the dark web then this search engine is best for him. It was the first dark web search engine that was released in 1996. It is quite popular as a search engine for both dark web and surface web. It is a search engine that provides users with high security and assurance. It has designed itself keeping in mind the huge security assurance of the customers. It is safer and more efficient than all other search engines.

Benefits you get when you browse latest dark web sites

Not far from now, the anonymous service was launched with the primary goal of understanding what the Semi browser had to offer, due to which older darknet sites, now don’t work. There are many differences between new and old darknet sites. Let us know some of the specific differences between them.

The shift from older Tor versions to the new Tor Browser

The shift from older Tor versions to the new Tor Browser

Tor Browser also goes through many changes as that evolves into an improved version, its first version has been used for nearly 10 years. However, Tor launched a new version in 2018, rendering the elder version completely obsolete. Naturally, the dark web sites ceased functioning with the prior version, thus the onion links also had to consent to this modification. To be compatible with the most recent version, the websites themselves also needed to be updated. This is why Tor v3 is the only platform that supports contemporary darknet sites.

Character Number Differences in Onion Links

Character length is another difference you’ll notice between the latest and elderly websites. This is because onion links held by v2 are 16 characters long. In this direction, latest form of Tor Browser supported longer urls. Because the length of the new is fifty-five characters. That means weather you saw an onion url length of more than 50 arrows, assume it is supported by Tor V3.

Getting the benefits of a cleaner code base on modern dark web sites

Entirely, the dark websites need the code to work in the dark web browser Tor browser. However, previous Tor browsers accepted very random, hard code, etc. but the new version does not have the same, as a current website admin, everyone need to keep their code clear and easy for read in order that their website’s onion links are secure. Today’s dark websites have clear code and that because clear codes, today’s websites are safer than that previous websites. It provides security to customers in such a way that customers get maximum security.

Transition from Outdated to Modern Design

Aged websites look bad and are very hard to negotiate. So Tor Browser thought that they should first change their designs and make them more attractive to make them more attractive to everyone. Tor Browsers therefore changed themselves in such a way that their change is unimaginable. The difference between the previous Tor browser & current Tor browser is huge because the current design is much better than the previous design. As you can see nowadays, it is much easier and safer to visit dark websites than the previous dark web sites.

Increase user’s privacy and anonymity more

It’s 100% very risky to visit old dark websites, the reason why the previous dark website was said to be risky was because they could not give the security of the customers. Because they could not ensure higher level of identity privacy and security of users. But nowadays, due to the development of dark websites, users are free to use it anonymously. Now that you are very safe to use it, there is no problem for the person. New websites are much more anonymous and secure. Only when you use it will you realize how much it enhances the user’s security. Compared to previous dark websites, today’s darknet websites secure and able to ensure anonymity of customers.

Navigate to recently launched dark web sites

Navigate to recently launched dark websites

Many dark websites currently exist may not be all searchable by a single person because they are not indexed by any conventional search engine. Let us know about some known dark websites:

DuckDuckGo – Secure Dark Web Search Engine

It is a popular website of dark website that works as a search engine. The best part about using it is that it doesn’t track your location, data, or online activity whatsoever. It will give you a higher level of privacy and high security while using or browsing. Because of this, its popularity is increasing at a high rate nowadays. If you want to start using dark web as a newbie then this is the right place for you which will provide you with all kinds of benefits during usage.

ProPublica – Popular Dark Web News Site

It is a non-profit news organization that only covers corruption and political news. It is for the people because through it people get the news of corruption in the country or the whole world. The dark web is not only used for bad things it is also used for good things and this dark website is the real proof of winning.

Tor2Door Market – Dark Web Service Marketplace

If you need to visit any dark web site then this is the perfect place for you. It is a dark website where all kinds of services are available. It is a dark net market where your usage can be ensured with maximum security. It is also a very popular dark web marketplace.

Russian Market – Buy & Sell Stolen Products

The Russian market is a trading market that deals with stolen information. It is a popular dark web marketplace for providing illegal services. Here hackers work with stolen information and provide services. This Marketplace operates on stolen PayPal cards and information.


There is a huge difference between the dark web of yesteryear and the dark websites of today because today’s marketplace offers more services. A dark website is a place where you can find all kinds of illegal services and products. Today we try to understand through this article what changes the dark websites of the past and present. Previous dark websites are weaker than today’s websites because the current dark websites have to make massive changes to sustain themselves. We have to be very careful while using dark websites. The dark web is a place on the internet where all kinds of illegal activities are done, so it is very dangerous to visit it without knowing it. Those who are new to the dark web are at risk if they are not careful while using it.

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