Dark Web Sites – Why People Are Still Using In 2023

The dark web is a dark world of the internet, the reason for saying this is because it is a scary chapter: this internet world, the dark web is a part of the deep web. The dark web is a place where you can browse all the forbidden things.

The internet is full of confidential information because we know that the surface web is a web where only 5% of the entire internet is browsed, now it is said that those who use this 5% internet are ordinary internet users. Then the remaining 95% are internet users, and the remaining 95% of users are deep users, as we have already discussed, a small part of the deep web is the dark web.

This dark web is the world of crime, we know that everything about modern man is internet centric. That means criminals are now internet centric too. Criminals do all their illegal activities through this internet. Now most of the crimes of this year 2023 are taking place on the dark web. You and I may not know the crimes committed on the dark web. Because all these crimes are out of our thoughts. The dark web is a place where criminals commit all kinds of crimes while keeping their identities hidden.

These sites gained so much popularity even in 2023 because these dark websites can be visited anonymously. You can avail any service from these dark web sites keeping your identity completely private. All these reasons make this dark web so popular in 2023.

How many people use the dark web totally in 2023?

The dark web has over 2.5 million active users; the dark web comes with about 3,000 hidden websites. Almost 60% of these are related to illegal activities. Now almost all types of work are online based so crime-based work is done through online. A huge online presence today is through the dark web and cryptocurrency.

How many peoples use the dark web totally in 2023

Almost every modern country that uses this dark web is given below a description of them:

•             United States: This country has the highest number of dark web users in the entire world. About 831911 Americans use the dark web for drug trafficking, fake IDs, hacking, etc. They are the ones who use this dark web the most.

•             Russia: This country is the second largest dark web user in the world, a large number of people use this web. 273844 Russian are used this dark web, just to do illegal work.

•             Germany: The third largest country in the world using the dark web. 171009 German users use it. They also use this dark web to do mostly illegal activities.

•             The Netherlands: 165281 Dutch users daily use this dark web. They use fake drugs, drugs, illegal products, illegal weapons etc. to sell drugs.

•             France: 78714 French daily use this dark web site, because they are active in doing many illegal activities.

Not only these countries but almost all countries of the world use this dark web, because all kinds of illegal activities can be done anonymously. Let us know some of the countries which consume a lot of internet for dark websites:

•             India: 26%

•             Russia: 22%

•             Brazil: 21%

•             Indonesia: 20%

•             Turkey: 16%

Many companies like Amazon and eBay are on the dark web, they are almost more advanced than these. No conventional products are sold in the shops of this dark web site, Illegal drugs, hacking services, illegal money, illegal weapons, etc. are sold there. The biggest advantage is that all kinds of services can be taken anonymously, so now most people find it convenient to use the dark web.

Why people use the dark web sites?

People use the dark web for many reasons, among all the reasons, three are the biggest reasons. Let us know about these three reasons:


Anonymity is a major reason for using the dark web, there can be many reasons for people to hide their identity many prefer this dark web site because of their security. Many times they use this dark web to hide their identity. Others use the dark web to avoid the possibility of harming themselves, there are a lot of hacking hacks in the online world, and so many people prefer to keep their company’s identity anonymous for security purposes.

Why people use the dark web?

Because now everyone is concerned about online banking security, so they don’t want to make their everything public. For this they use the dark web.

Access all types of hidden services

There are many types of websites that provide services but do not publish, that is, they keep their websites secret. These are all called dark websites, Dark websites offer all their services or products secretly. Now the thing is that normal browsers will not work to visit these dark websites, you need to use a private browser to access these dark web sites.

If you go to Google Chrome, FireFox to access these browsers, it will not happen, you need to take help of a private browser like Onion. This Onion Browser is called Tor browser. You need to download a Tor browser and then you can access the dark web with that browser. We know that hidden services are called anonymous services. No one can trace your IP address when you visit a dark website with this browser.

For all types of illegal activities online

It is never illegal to visit dark web using Tor but nowadays many illegal activities are done secretly with this private browser which is illegal anyway. Illegal activities include child abuse and child pornography, sale of illegal drugs, sale of illegal arms, terrorist financing, currently using this dark website to invest in cryptocurrency in 2023.

Before knowing everything, you need to know what the dark web is

The dark web is a web that is not searchable by regular search engines, dark web is a dark world of the internet where you can take all kinds of services in a completely confidential manner while keeping your identity hidden. Most unethical activities are done on this dark web, it is a paradise for criminals because no one can argue with them no matter how many crimes they commit. Now let’s talk about who these dark web users are, you or normal people like me who behave very normally in the real world but these dark web users.

The reason for saying this is that the people of this planet are using the dark web and not of other planets. The reason why everyone likes dark web is that all kinds of information can be taken anonymously. And no matter how many illegal services are offered on the dark web, no one can find them. You will be protected by the law because the law will not find you.

Although the dark web was created for good, it is now being used by criminals for nefarious purposes.

Dark web has many unimaginable things, let's know what they are?

Dark web has many unimaginable things, let’s know what they are?

There are many types of illegal activities on the dark web that you can’t get on normal markets, some of them are:

•             Selling drugs: These dark websites sell all kinds of drugs from all over the world, these dark websites sell all kinds of drugs from all over the world. Buying and selling of drugs is the most popular type of business on this dark web site. About 60% of transactions on this dark web are drug sales. Among these are Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, Ecstasy, Ketamine etc.

•             Copyright information: The information which is copyrighted i.e. which cannot be found publicly is what you will find on these dark web sites very easily. All kinds of copyrighted movies, books, and many documents are available here.

•             Hackings: You will get these hacking services very easily on from this dark web site, if you want to hack someone’s information, then you need to hire dark web hackers, they will provide you these services in a very secret way, your identity will be secret. It only looks at the customer’s relationship with money the recipient who is not interested in receiving someone’s personal information.

•             Selling weapons: Weapons selling is a common feature of these dark websites, if you order the weapon here anonymously it will reach you within the specified time.

•             Child pornography: Child pornography is another lucrative business on the dark web, Child pornography refers to images, videos, and sexual harassment of a child’s private parts that are displayed online. In fact, these dirty deeds are mostly done by those who have a distorted mentality.

•             Smuggling: Smuggling is a common theme of these dark web sites, all kinds of smuggled products can be found on this dark web site. Dark websites are the easiest way to smuggle goods.

•             Money laundering: Money laundering is the way to make black money white, Illegal money can be transacted in any way through the dark web in a completely secret way. According to the conventional rules, if someone transacts illegal money through the bank, he does face a problem. So they take this dark web as a safe haven. We know that the dark web does not deal with conventional money, they have a secret currency. Its name is cryptocurrency, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies on the dark web, but the most popular among them is Bitcoin, and it is mostly used on dark web. Transacting with this secret currency makes it difficult to trace criminals.

This is why the dark web is so popular in 2023

This is why the dark web is so popular in 2023

We know that money is not transacted on the dark web by any conventional rules, which means it is traded with currencies like Bitcoin, In fact, many people now prefer to invest in coins like Bitcoin. The biggest reason for this is its privacy and security, actually this Bitcoin transaction is in a block and each block is covered by a chain. It is a very powerful security system.

Which is not interfere with third parties in their every transaction. All the criminal activities on this dark web are transact done by Bitcoin. Most of the criminals use this method to launder their black money. Everyone is now investing in Bitcoin on the dark web to trade anonymously.

End of the article

We live in a world of curiosity, the dark web is not that common for people because the dark web is a hidden part of the internet, our general nature is to think about everything, thinking about these, we start to explore the dark web and we regularly stumble upon it. People really want to maintain their privacy in the current matter.

In fact, all kinds of legal and illegal services can be taken anonymously, so this dark web really pays a lot of attention. But till now dark web provides mostly illegal services, Good service is very rare on the dark web. Actually, people tend to visit this site because of curiosity. But we can say that we use it more for the purpose of hiding our identity. The dark web is a compact part of the deep web. Deep web is used for good while dark web is bad. In any case, people from all walks of life are thinking about this dark web and are looking for services from it.

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