Dark Web Myths: Know the Reality of Dark Web Sites

Many of us have a lot of misconceptions about dark web and many of us think that dark web and deep web are the same thing. People who think dark web and deep web are the same thing is completely wrong because the two are completely different. If those do not understand well about the dark, deep and surface web, these myths will continue to exist. So internet users should know well about these three webs. Dark web myths are some misconceptions people have about the dark web.

What is surface web?

The internet we use for daily and common tasks is the surface web this is the open side of the internet where anyone can take the services they need. Surface Web is a simple world of internet where you have to access different websites in general. The Surface Web is indexed by all common search engines. Common search engines include Google Chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Amazon, EBay etc. Internet is like a deep sea. Dark web is a web where you can access internet services with more privacy here you can find no end; the surface web is the part above sea water.

It is a safe side of the internet world where there is no sign of crime. And those who are normal internet users use this surface web. 5% of all internet users are surface web users.

Deep Web

It is a deep part of the internet world. The Deep Web is a site on the Internet where you have to fill in certain forms to access Web sites. It is a hidden part of the internet and it is not as easily accessible as the surface web. About 95% of all internet users are deep web users. You will find that many websites and social sites that require signup and registration to access are deep websites. Deep website does not do illegal work, it is deep web for a little more privacy.

What is dark web?

What is dark web?

This is just a dark part of the deep web. The dark web is a dark side of the internet that only criminals and criminals can see. Dark websites cannot be found by any normal search engine, for this you need a private search engine. Dark web is a web where you can access internet services with more privacy. Accessing it requires a browser called Tor browser, a browser that does not store your online activity. The Dark Web is a part of the World Wide Web that requires a specific browser to access. Nowadays, there are many other systems through which you can access the dark web and receive their services.

But no matter how you access the dark web, you must have a lot of knowledge about the World Wide Web or else you trap end up on the dark web. The reason for saying this is that most of the activities on the dark web are illegal and you can get into trouble after accessing them. Many may think that the Deep Web is actually involved in all kinds of online crime, which is wrong, because a small part of the total deep web which may be 5% is the dark web and this is where all kinds of online crimes take place.

There are many myths about the dark web that are prevalent in the past and present. In order to better understand the dark web myths, you need to understand what the dark web really is. Because many people think dark web and deep web are the same which is a complete misconception. We will explore some dark web myths in this article. Here are some myths:

The most popular myths are that the dark web and the deep web are same thing

The deep web is the part of the internet that is not indexed by any search engine, If you want to go to those websites, you have to use their specific URL. This is a private part of the internet where no one can harm anyone even if they want to. Suppose you want to go to a social site like your Facebook, now you need to enter a specific password to log into your account. Only you know it and no one else knows the password, such privacy is offered on the deep web. Nowadays many magazines and TV shows give wrong information that dark web and deep web are same.

The most popular myths are that the dark web and the deep web are same thing

We already know that the dark web is only a small part of the deep web, which you cannot easily access with a regular search engine. The Deep Web includes any type of secure database, such as a university’s own website or a database of scientific discoveries made by scientists. But the dark web houses any kind of criminal data and services. Accessing the dark web requires a private browser such as Tor. But the deep web that you can’t access through any search engine requires fulfilling the specific requirements of deep websites.

Accessing the dark web is absolutely illegal

One of the most common misconceptions about the dark web is that accessing the dark web is completely illegal. Accessing the dark web is never illegal. Most internet users have this idea that accessing the dark web is illegal. While most of the dark web sites are involved in nefarious activities, there are many websites that are not involved in any illegal activities and are not illegal to access. So we can say that accessing dark web is not always illegal. There are many websites on the dark web that also deal with cyber security and it is not illegal for you to access them and take services from them.

Accessing dark web and deep web is dangerous

Dark web is never dangerous for you if you access it with more protection. We always think that by entering the dark web we are in danger, but actually we are not. If you use the dark web to do bad things and it later becomes known to law enforcement, you are at risk. But if you are using the dark web knowingly, your chances of getting into danger are very low or even non-existent.

Entering the dark web will hack your computer

Many people think that just by accessing the dark web your computer will be hacked and you will be at risk, it is completely wrong. By accessing the dark web there is no chance of your computer being hacked and your information being hacked? Your computer will not be hacked unless you give permission to download and upload files from your computer. Because there are many websites on dark web which when you access or visit they ask you to give permission and ask you to download many files. And if you do these, your computer will be hacked.

The dark web covers 96% of the internet

The dark web covers 96% of the internet

Those who are not familiar with dark web and deep web may think that the dark web covers a large part of the internet. It is true that the Deep Web covers 96% of the entire Internet. The dark web is a small part of the deep web, it exists only 4-5% of the entire internet. The dark web is only a small part but many people think that here for most of the internet users. A large part of the entire Internet world is covered by the Deep Web, but people think that the Dark Web is the most used. That is just a misconception.

In the dark web world is it all surrounded in darkness?

No, dark web is not completely dark because there are many websites on dark web which provide legitimate services but are a bit secretive. The dark web is not only dark illegal websites, but there are many websites that will give you more security like Facebook.onion. Many websites appear on the dark web that are not involved in any illegal activities and do not provide illegal services. But it is true that a major part of the dark web is involved in illegal activities. These are the dark web myths.

The dark web is only a place for criminals

Many of us believe that only criminals use the dark web and other common people don’t, which is a misconception. You know that many dark websites are shut down by law enforcement. So it is a matter of thinking that if all the websites were illegal then all of them would have been shut down. It is true that almost 60% of the dark web activities are illegal and very dangerous. But that’s why it’s not only. for criminals but common people like us come here for many services. Because the dark web allows you to use the service while keeping your identity hidden, the dark web is for those who want to hide their identity and online activities.

You can easily hire hitmen on the dark web

We know that accessing the dark web is a bit more difficult than accessing the surface web. If you think that you can access the dark web and get all kinds of illegal products and its content, you are completely wrong. You need to know the specific URL of each dark web website to visit them and you may not know that not all dark web websites are accessible. You will never be able to access the illegal websites of dark web easily. These are the dark web myths and it is why many people who want to use dark web services secretly are afraid and don’t take it.

Final Words

You need to know well about dark web and then access these dark websites and get your desired services. Today we came to know from this blog about some of the most popular dark web myths. These are the most discussed dark web myths about whole internet world. Dark web and deep web are considered by many to be the same thing and this is a complete misconception. It is very common for Surface Web users to have no idea about this.

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